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is to help youth and adult learners develop the skills and knowledge they need to build sustainable local food systems. Our focus is providing hands-on, experiential learning opportunities with real working farms and food businesses in the Ithaca area. Through collaboration with area schools, colleges and universities, Groundswell offers programs of study for beginning farmers, students, community members, and professionals.

Groundswell is an initiative of the EcoVillage Center for Sustainability Education in Ithaca, NY, which is a project of the Center for Transformative Action. Visit the Groundswell website to learn more about our programs, initiatives and resources.

Friday, March 15

The New American Farmer Education Project

Do you work with Immigrants, Refugees and/or First Generation Americans? Do they have an interest in farming? The New American Farmer Education Project can help refugees and other immigrants to get started in small-scale farming in the Southern Tier. We provide:

·         Farming Workshops taught by experienced local farmers
·         Support in Obtaining Land
·         Farm and Business Mentors
·         ESL & Translation Support

The New American Farmer Education Project is a collaborative effort of the Groundswell Center for Local Food & Farming and the Center for Agriculture Development and Entrepreneurshsip (CADE),along with the NYS Department of State’s Office for New Americans (ONA.) ONA was established recently in order to encourage New Americans to participate in New York’s civic and economic life, and to help legal permanent residents navigate the path to citizenship.

We need your help connecting with individuals or groups of new Americans in your area who might be interested in farming. We will be hosting an Information Session for service providers Friday April 12, 
2-4 PM in Ithaca, to share information about the opportunities and challenges for new Americans who want to get started in farming, and to explain the programs and services that we offer. Please RSVP by email to newamericans@groundswellcenter.org or call the Groundswell office at 607-319-5095.

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